Subject: ai powered, multifunctional, component based, open sourced drone design.


Keywords: ai, open source, drone, weapon, image processing.


State of the art: Currently, drone technology focuses on military and fun usages. There are infinite personal developments that can carry drone technology further. What we mention by saying fun is drone racing. On the other hand, for the military usage drones are using for detection and recognition. After new inventions drones now can eliminate enemies’ weapons. Nevertheless, in security or logistic sides there are not much improvements around. However, open source drone development is supported by many developers. After all, these contributions will be the fundamentals of next level drone technology.


Aim: To design open source drone platform that allow customers to create their own designs for different purposes including military, daily usage etc. without any doubt about data privacy.


Scope: There will be different types of drones and components. These components are available to use on different drones. Their goals are security, personal usage, military usage and logistic usage. Components help to improve features of drones. They are specializations for specific purposes.


Methodology: We made research on drone technologies. After investigate archieves, videos or succesfull-failure experiments we started to design our first prototype. First prototype was only focused on personal usage. Due to the open source environment we were able to find innoviative updates and upgrades. We checked the availability of these updates on our first prototype. What we recognized was our prototype couldn’t handle them. We made technical improvements such as expand bottom surface, add new socket plugs for components and fortified engine power. In software phase we used AI technology and open sourced face and voice detection models. Owing to 360 vision cameras we categorized new types of drones.